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Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Days

Here are just a few pictures from our days the last couple weeks... When I put Jack in here for his nap he was laying straight. When he woke up and I checked on him, he had turned himself. I always just love these pictures of him sleeping with his hands over his head!
Barrett got a new grill and cooked us some very delicious chicken!!! We're looking forward to lots of yummy meals cooked on this grill.
We spent one Saturday outside - going to a soccer game, a football game, and fishing. He even kept his hat on his head for part of the time!
Watching Dad fish
Jack's bath time is becoming more of a soaking experience for mom and dad. He is splashing a lot now. I think he thinks it is pretty funny. He smiles and laughs a lot during bath time.
Well I was brave and did it! Jack slept for the first time in his pack-n-play at night right at 3 months old. Before he had slept in a bassinet right next to our bed. Even though the pack-n-play was only about 5 feet away from our bed, it just seemed like it was too far away! Thankfully for me Jack is a loud sleeper (snores - ha!) so I can hear him breathing from our bed and can know that he is okay. I don't even want to begin thinking about him sleeping all the way upstairs in his own room and crib. We'll just take this all one step at a time.
All bundled up for a walk to Mom-mom and Pepa's house for Monday night spaghetti night. Notice anything about this picture? That's right, he is wearing a hat again! Yeah!
And then here we just have a picture of a cute boy!

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