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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Snow Man

Today was another fun snow day. No, I didn't get to stay home from school today, but I still had a fun day looking out my classroom window watching the snow fall all day long. When I left for school at 6am there were the smallest snow flakes just beginning to fall. About 5 minutes later as I was driving down the road the snow flakes were more like the size of a quarter and there was a nice white blanket of white on the ground. It was amazing how quickly it could change. Barrett enjoyed a few minutes of snowballs this evening.
Java is a little confused when it comes to snow. She is never quite sure what it is.

I thought Java might get cold so I put my scarf on her to keep her toasty warm...okay, I didn't really think she would be cold. I just thought she would look cute (and she does!) For now Java can be my little (or big) doll to play dress up with. What a good sport she is!

The 1st grade teachers took a quick "field trip" outside today with all our students to explore the snow falling outside.
My little kiddos loved it!
Here they are playing at the big field outside. This picture reminds me of the movie "A Christmas Story" when the kids are outside at school when the boy gets his tongue stuck to the flag pole. Thank goodness that didn't happen today!
I know it is disappointing, but school has been cancelled for tomorrow. :-( I guess I will just have to sleep in. Oh well!!!

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