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Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

Every Halloween since we have been married, Barrett and I go around the neighborhood with our nieces and nephews while they trick or treat. We look forward to this each year. This year we were able to bring along our own little trick or treater - JAVA!!! She dressed as a ballerina in a pretty pink tutu. Our 2009 Family Halloween Picture
Our dainty ballerina - I know a delicate ballerina costume doesn't match Javas personality - but it's Halloween! She is pretending. :-)

Cal (yellow), Dylan (black), Cami (Cinderella dress), Chandler (long black hair with hat).
There are always lots of trick or treaters walking around Savannah on Halloween. This year seemed extra crowded! It is so much fun seeing all the costumes and watching all the children run from door to door collecting candy.
Every year this one home grills out hotdogs and gives them away instead of candy. Cool idea!

Dylan and Calahan
The neighbors right next door to the hotdog people had baskets of apples, pears, and bananas to choose from. No need to eat before going to trick or treat...just eat as you go! The kids really loved this.
Candy....and this is just from Korbins bag of candy!!! WOW!!!

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