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Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Fun Weekend

What a beautiful sunset!
Barrett and I spent part of our Saturday evening going on a bike ride around the neighborhood. I got this new pink bike for Christmas. Since then we have really enjoyed the time and exercise riding around outside. We have so many nice trails and streets to ride bikes here in Savannah.
Camryn (4 years old) and Chandler (6 years old)
It seems to have become a tradition over the past few months that after church and lunch with the family, Chandler and Camryn ride home with us and spent the afternoon with us - Uncle Barrett and Aunt Tanya. Most every Sunday during lunch both the kids sneak their way over to Barrett and I and whisper to us, "Can we come play at your house today?" Of course, how do you say no to 2 such cute and adorable faces? They ride home with us in the back of Uncle Barrett's red jeep. They always look forward to running up to the game room and playing a video game for a while. We took a visit to the ducks at the pond today. The ducks loved having the company of Chandler, Camryn, and Java.
Java enjoyed a walk over to the park. She loved seeing all the other kids and dogs around. She behaved very nicely.

Fun on the tire swing at the playground!

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