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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Day With Oliver & Dylan

Dylan (5 years old) and Oliver (6 months old) spent the day with Uncle Barrett & Princess Tanya. Their family just got back this morning after driving all day yesterday and through the night from an exciting vacation to Phoenix, AZ . Tara needed some rest after a long night on the road, so a couple of the boys spent the day with me so she could get some rest - and of course I enjoyed a day with a couple of my adorable nephews.
Oliver has such big, beautiful blue eyes!

Dylan loved swinging on the balcony.
We spent a lot of he day hangin' out on the balcony. The day was just too beautiful to waste indoors.

I had asked Dylan what he wanted to eat. His reply was "potatoes." So I asked him, "What kind of potatoes? Mashed? Baked? French Fries?" "French fries?," he said. "Fries don't come from potatoes." So Dylan and I made our way to the kitchen and had a cooking lesson on how to make french fries from real potatoes. He was amazed! He even wrote out the recipe all by himself to take home so he could make them for his family sometime. Too cute!!!
I loved spending the day with these two little guys!!! They are just too cute. I am one proud aunt!

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