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Thursday, August 28, 2014


Here is some of what we have been up to this summer....
 *Favorite time before bed...brushing teeth together
 *Finally trying on the cute outfits Daddy brought back for the kids from India

 *Watching a kids movie at the theater most every Wednesday morning
 *Keeping busy indoors with masking tape roads and little cars
 *A surprise dinner out at Texas Roadhouse with the cousins
*Playing dress-up with mommy's high heels. At least one of us is getting some use out of them!
 *Checking on GramPam & Pa-Pa's new house being built
 Amelia loves collecting treasures at the new house.

 *Jack wanted to have a turn pushing Amelia on the big swing
 *A tricycle ride
 *Walks to Mom-Mom & Pepa's house
 *Bath towel snuggles.  They like wearing their towels around after their showers and pretend to either be super hero's or Jesus. :-)
 *Little mugs of hot chocolate on a cool august morning
 *Playing outside
 *Wearing the new shirt mommy made
 *Posing for a picture after having gotten himself dressed for church all by himself for the first time - shoes and all!
 * Sister needed her picture taken too
 * Drummer boy music & dancing (Christmas music all year long!)
 *Learning how to play Candy Land
 * Fun with the hose and a watering can outside
 *All wet
 * Watering Amelia :-)
 *Amelia sitting on Jack's lap while he reads her a story
 * This is what she does when you ask Amelia to show you how strong she is!  And here you get the bonus of a face covered in a cupcake.
 *A ride on the big cart at Lowes.  Jack with his cup, Amelia with her baby doll
 * Jack wearing his "boots" (rain boots that he picked out) to Trail Dust Steakhouse.
 *Dancing on the stage at Traildust - Air guitar
* Facetime with Daddy while he was away in Belgium for the week
 *Pizza & games with Zachary.  They both got some cool looking teeth as a prize!
 * Living room  picnic lunch
 * Days at home with my babies are the best!
 * Swimming at the pool

 * Playtime for Amelia & Eliana
 *Taking a trip to the Frisco Firehouse
 *Amelia's 1st pedicure - 21 months old.  She was well overdue on having this done for the first time!
 *Getting ready for fall and trying on their new coats.  Jack was trying to get Amelia to smile for the picture.
 *A relaxing ride on the swings
 *Building a road with wooden blocks
*A little bit of sewing. This is the baby doll I made for Amelia.
 *Amelia taking 2 baby dolls on a walk.  On her way to give Eliana her baby doll.
 * Jack sleeps in his big boy bed...most of the time
 * Pigtails! She finally has enough hair!
Perfect summer with my precious family!

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