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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Birthday at the Zoo

Just realized I never did a post on our trip to the zoo for my 31st birthday in April!  Barrett took the day off from work, it was a beautiful day outside, so we ventured out the the Dallas Zoo!

 I'm sure glad there was glass and fences between us and the animals, otherwise I think Amelia would have been right in there with the animals!
 Jack always loves watching this funnel that you can put coins in and watch them spin round and round.
 A ride on the monorail

 Our family....and the giraffes in the background.

 Once again...very happy to have glass between us and the animals.  And this lion was mad!  He was roaring quite loudly right as we were walking up.

 Petting and feeding the giraffes.


 For my birthday dinner, we went out for Mexican food. Yum!

 Presents!  One of my favorite gifts this year was my new toy - a serger sewing machine! 
So excited about life and what a blessing each day is.  Living the dream with my handsome and wonderful husband and precious kiddos.  God is good! 

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