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How Old Is Amelia?

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Amelia is 9 Months Old

Sweet little Amelia turned 9 months old on August 26th!

Weight: 18.5 lbs (58th percentile)
Height: 27.2 inches (35th percentile)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: It is still slowly growing in.  It is a light brown on the top but blonde in the back.

Teeth: she has her 2 bottom teeth and just got her 2 top teeth in last week (on 9/30)

She wasn't too happy for the first try on the 38 week picture so we tried again another day. But I couldn't resist posting the crying picture.  Such a cute sad face!


Amelia is all smiles!
 This month she has become a pro at being mobile! She crawls, pulls up, and cruises along the furniture.  She is actually quite graceful with it too. She seems to be cautious and not too daring yet.  On occasion she will let go of whatever she is holding on to and go hands free.  Her balance is actually quite good.  We don't think it will be long at all before she takes off and starts walking.
 When Amelia talks she has a precious little girl voice.  She likes to hear herself babble.  So far she says, "dada", "mama" and the pediatrician really thinks she heard her say "hi."  Not sure I heard it but if the doctor thinks she can, we will go ahead and say she can! Ha!
 This has happened a few times recently. She is taking after her big brother...falling asleep while eating.  She still fights going to sleep when you want her to go to sleep, but as you can tell here, if she is tired enough, she will go to sleep anywhere.  She continues to improve with her night time sleeping.  She will go 10-12 hours at night and will wake up maybe once during the night searching for a pacifier. Nap time is still unpredictable.  It seems to be that she may be going to one nap a day.  On a perfect day she will go down after lunch and sleep for a couple hours (which I love because then she and Jack both sleep at the same time.) But if we are out and about she will nap here and there in the car then not sleep once we are back home then want a nap right around dinner time which then messes with bed time.  Someday we will get this all figured out but for now we take it a day at a time.
Amelia has started eating 3 meals a day.  It is a mix of finger foods and pureed food. Basically whatever we are eating, I cut up into tiny pieces and she eats it on her own, otherwise I just give her jars of baby food.  She also has four bottles of pumped milk throughout the day, about 6 ounces each. Now that Amelia is eating more 'big people' food she likes to do her part and help out with the dishes. Fun times this is for mommy....doing the dishes and keeping the fast crawling and pulling up baby girl from pulling out all the dishes.
 Long story short...due to a fall and GramPam breaking her pelvis while visiting our house several weeks ago we have had some extra bonus visiting time with GramPam and Pa-Pa at our house while she recovers.  During this time Amelia found a new favorite toy...GramPam's walker!

So hard to believe how quickly one year is approaching for this baby girl!  Time, please slow down!!!

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