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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Amelia is 8 Months Old

Amelia Joy turned 8 months old on July 26th.
Weight: about 18 lbs.
Hair: Still not very much hair on this baby girls head, but it is slowly coming in. Some parts are light brown. Other parts seem blonde.
 Eyes: blue
Teeth: still only has her 2 bottom teeth
Clothes: 9 month clothes fit best but can still fit into a few 6 month and beginning to wear some 12 month
Shoes: size 2
Diapers: size 3
Amelia is a busy girl these days.  She crawls ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! (And actually crawls forward now.) She is determined in her crawling. If she sees something, she goes for it.  If she can't have whatever it is she wants she is heartbroken and I guess you could say may actually be throwing  little fits :-( 
 She still keeps bows on her head.  I am looking forward to one day getting to clip a bow in her hair versus strapping it on her head with a headband.  But from what I hear from other moms, it is amazing that she doesn't pull off the bow!  Way to go sister! Proud of you!
 Just days after Amelia turned 8 months, I took the plunge and moved Amelia upstairs to sleep in her own crib in her own room for the night. This wasn't because she was sleeping well.  She still would wake up many times throughout the night but I just felt like maybe she wasn't as comfortable sleeping in our room, or maybe I wouldn't jump up quite as fast every time she would start fussing, so I figured I would give it a try.  The first 2 nights she ended up back in our room by about 3am.  I had had enough of running up and down the stairs for the night.  But by about night 3 she started doing great! Now she just wakes up maybe once if even at all each night!  Its amazing!!! I'm not really sure what made the difference for her...if her crib was more comfortable, if the temperature was better, if it was quieter for idea really.  But she is doing great now! Hallelujah!!!

 Amelia started some finger foods this month. We started with puffs then on 7/18 she had her taste of real finger beans.  She is loving her snacks that she can pick up all by herself! She eats baby food once or twice a day.  Loves meat and veggies. Still not a fan of fruits. She has around 4 bottles a day of pumped milk...about 6 ounces each. She rarely nurses anymore. She usually refuses and just would rather a bottle.
 Amelia loves being outdoors! Now it is summer and 105 degrees outside so we really don't go out until evening when it is cooler (in the 90s) but she sure loves it when we do.  If she is ever fussy, just take her outside and she is a happy girl! Pool time is a love of hers too!
 She started having bath time in her ducky tub.  Jack has been a helper in giving her baths and he now has decided that taking baths in the ducky tub is more fun than his normal showers!
 Amelia still is a very smiley girl!
 She is easy to take out and about with us. Amelia loves being around people and observing all that is going on around her. 
 On 8/2 (at 8 months and 1 week old) Amelia pulled up to standing on her own for the first time onto her saucer toy.  I ran and got the camera to take her picture of her new accomplishment!  I snapped a few pictures and ended up getting a picture of another big milestone....
 ...letting go and standing alone for the first time!!!! So pulling up and standing alone all accomplished within seconds of each other.  Now she only stood here for about 1.5 seconds, but still. Crazy!  She hasn't done much of the letting go since then but she is now all about pulling up!
We love this girl and are amazed by all that she is learning each day. She is growing so fast but we are loving every moment! So thankful that the Lord gave us such a precious little one. We are in love with her!

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