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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Big Brother

Jack has been a fantastic big brother to Amelia and is in love with her!
Jack is now 25 months old. 
Each week I take Amelia's weekly picture on the couch.  Whenever Jack sees me taking her picture, he hops up on the couch, puts his arm around Amelia, and is ready to have his picture taken too!
 We took a family trip to the big playground the other day.  Jack (and Daddy) really loved it!
 Amelia just chilled out in the stroller and took her nap.

 Taking a walk around the pond.
 All dressed for church
 This is a new thing that Jack loves to do...going into our closet and wearing our big shoes around the house, even mommy's high heals  - at least he is getting some use out of them since I never wear them! :-)
 I love these crazy curls on this sweet boys head!

 Jack decided to try to help change the baby's diaper the other day.  Such a good helper!
Jack graduated to always sitting at the booster seat at the big table instead of his high chair.  He loves it!

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