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How Old Is Amelia?

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Monday, December 10, 2012

2nd Week at Home with Amelia

 Ready for a car ride

 We received several packages in the mail from Barrett's work friends - 2 fruit baskets and this stack of boxes full of goodies for the baby.
  Being a big brother is hard work!  He is worn out!
 Starting December 1st Jack is unwrapping a Christmas book each day to read.  This was a tradition we started last year.  He is loving to unwrap the presents but not always very interested in reading the stories.
 When Amelia was 8 days old we got Jack and she dressed up in their Christmas outfits to visit Santa at the mall.

 Brother and sister in their Christmas pj's!

 Amelia's 1st real bath since loosing her cord.  She enjoyed this bath much more with all that warm water.

 Mommy had some fun playing dress-up and photographer one afternoon...

 Sleepy after the photo shoot
 We went to our neighborhood playgroups cookie exchange...another great reason to put on another Christmas outfit!
Decorating the Christmas tree.
It took a week, but we finally got some decorations on that tree!
 All ready for Amelia's first time to Church
13 days old
So thankful for this precious baby girl!

Picking Out Our Christmas Tree

Our first outing out as a family of 4 was to pick out a Christmas tree
 We loaded up our 2 kids next to each other in the car for their first ride together.
 Amelia dreaming about the perfect Christmas tree....
 Jack helping to choose a tree.  He really just enjoyed trying out his seat in the new double stroller.
 1st ride in the double stroller
 Dressed for Christmas
 Barrett always does the best job securing the tree on the roof of our car!
Watching daddy get the tree all tied onto the roof of the car

1st Week at Home with Amelia

 Amelia has been a super sleeper and eater this first week.  She nurses about every 3 hours during the day and will go 3-4 hour stretches during the night.
 Comparing the size of Amelia to this baby doll.
 Snuggle time with Daddy
 The big brother and "big sister"
 Going for a walk outside
 Snuggly warm
 Jack LOVEs playing outside.  Recently coloring with chalk is a favorite.
 Me with my 2 kiddos!
 I remember Jack always sleeping with his arms over his head too.
 It's a Girl Yard Sign
 Stork balloon from Mom-mom

 Perfect round face!
 Another new favorite thing Jack loves to do....throw acorns and leaves in the street!  Whatever makes you happy, buddy!
 1st sponge bath at home.
 1 week check-up at the pediatrician.
Amelia had a great report.  At 1 week she weighed 8lbs. 14 oz., this was 5 oz above her birth weight!  All that good eating is making this little girl grow!  Also while at the doctor, her cord fell off. Now she can have a real bath!
 Our 1 week old princess!

 Sister and Brother
 Trying on Daddy's slippers
 Making Christmas cookies with Pa-Pa and GramPam
Yum! Yum!