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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First Visitors

We had lots of family come visit Amelia in the hospital after she was born.
 The 1st one at the hospital anticipating your arrival at 3 something in the morning was Aunt Tara.
 Mom-mom got to the hospital as soon as she could in the morning after Jack woke up. She had come to stay with Jack when we left for the hospital.
 Aunt Hannah took the day off of school to come visit you for the 1st time.
 Uncle Brantley
 Great Grandfather, Papa - he sang you hymns and prayed a blessing over you.
Great Grandmother, Mimie

 Great Grandmother, Grandy
 Uncle Jacob
 Cousins - Calahan, Korbin, Dylan, Oliver
Friend Stefani
 Cousins Hollen & Ledger
 Aunt Dina
 Aunt Melissa
 Cousin Madison
 Cousins Preston & Mackenzie
 Grandfather, Pepa
 Cousin Camryn
Grandparents GramPam & Pa-Pa had been visiting us the whole week before you were born with hopes that you would arrive while they were here (and not arrive 5 days late as you did.)  They had to leave on Sunday for Pa-Pa to go have surgery Monday morning.  Of course right after they left, within 24 hours you were born. Silly girl!  They came back to visit you as soon as they could. You were 6 days old when they first held you.
Grandfather, Pa-Pa

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