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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekly Pregnancy Pictures

Early on we started taking the weekly pregnancy pictures to show the tummy bump growth.  I think this entire pregnancy so far I have done maybe one post with a picture.  Oops!  So I thought I'd just go ahead now and post how I (or really the baby) have progressed in size over the last few months.

Random Pregnancy Highlights:
* Tomorrow I will be 29 weeks! Only 11 weeks to go....or less if she is anything like her brother and arriving almost 2 weeks early. 
* This Friday I am scheduled to have a 3D/4D sonogram!!! Can't wait to see the sweet little face of my baby girl!!! 
* This pregnancy once again has been very smooth.  My main complaint right now is just being out of breath throughout the day. 
* We painted the room PINK this past weekend and we'll hopefully put the crib together and get it all decorated in the next couple of weeks.
* Jack has no clue what is ahead for him.  We talk about a baby in mommy's tummy but he really has no idea.  The only difference he can tell so far is that it isn't quite as roomy sitting on my lap anymore when we are reading books. We shall see how he reacts once she arrives.  I think he will do ok with the transition (that's what I'm dreaming of at least!)
* I love feeling a real baby move around inside of me! There is nothing like it.  I find myself often times just looking down at my tummy just waiting to see her kick and move.  So fun to be able to feel and see all at the same time.
* I am still having a hard time believing that we are having a girl!
* I continue to be so thankful for this 2nd child the Lord is allowing us to have in our family.  After what seemed like such a long wait to have baby #1, I really didn't know how long the wait would be until baby #2 would come along. But the Lord knew the plan all along and we are thankful for the perfect timing He has for each of our children that join our family.  It is a real honor to have the privilege of being a mommy.

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