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Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Time Fun!

We got out the water table Jack got from Mom-mom and Pepa.  He is in love with it and gets completely soaked every time he plays outside!

Jack also likes getting a little lick of water from his fingers while playing with the water table.  Silly boy!

Learning to climb a step ladder

Trying out the shower for the first time

We gathered at Gatti Town for some pizza and playtime with some of out church friends.  Jack enjoyed walking all over the place trying out the games.  Look out for this crazy 16 month old driver!

Playing outside in the dump truck

Taking a little snooze in the swing.  Is that a picture of relaxation or what?!?!

Trying out the race car stroller at the mall while waiting for our friends to meet us.  Jack sure though he was a big guy!

We went on a shopping day with Tara and Griffin.  The boys got matching sandals!  It was a fun day for the boys to hang out with their cousin.

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