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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jack's 1st Surgery

Early this morning Jack had his very first surgery. After having 5 ear infections in the last 2.5 months, it was time to have tubes put in.We arrived at the hospital at 6am. As you can see Jack was in a very happy mood, laughing a lot, holding his insurance card, and ready for his procedure....really he has no clue what was about to happen. We were very thankful for an early appointment and that he was so happy since he was not allowed to have anything to eat or drink since after midnight until the procedure was over. It really didn't effect him too much.When he got to his hospital bed there was a very cute teddy bear waiting for him with a get well note attached to it given to him by his doctor. How sweet is that?! He went in for his surgery right at 7am and by 7:05 the doctor was already out in the waiting room telling us that it was over and it went just fine. The doctor said he was able to get a lot of fluid out of his ear and that it had looked like it was on the verge of getting another infection. So the tubes really were a necessary thing! We are sure hoping that this solves his ear infection problems! We were out of the hospital by about 7:30 and back home by about 8am. Currently it is almost noon and Jack is still sound asleep from the car ride home. He must have been exhausted! Next we are off to the pharmacy to get his ear drop prescription.

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