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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6 Months Old

Well, the baby boy just celebrated his 1/2 birthday, 6 months old. 6 more months and this baby boy will be turning 1. How can that even be possible? Jack continues to be a real joy! He is the perfect age and size to just ride around on my hip when we are out and about, just looks around, smiles (and yells too - just because he can!) Weight: 14 lbs 7 oz (4th percentile)

Height: 25 1/4 inches (11th percentile)

Jack is growing, but very slowly. The doctor thinks his growing may pick up some once we start feeding him cereal (which will most likely be any day now.) He has been nursing every 3 hours (or often times more often than that.) When he is given a bottle he eats 4-6 oz.

Jack can wear mostly size 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes and wears size 2 diapers. His eyes are a light blue color. He is getting more hair everyday which is a medium brown color now.
Jack goes to bed each night around 9 or 10pm and sleeps for 8-10 hours, waking up around 6 or 7am. Many mornings he will start stirring around 5 or so, I put his pacifier back in his mouth, then he will sleep an hour or two longer. He still sleeps in the pack n play in our bedroom. Someday he will move upstairs to his own room, but for now sleeping in our room just works best for us. This last month since Jack has been rolling from his back to his tummy, we often find him asleep on his tummy.

Or we find him in this funny position with his legs and arms sprawled out and his head turned up. However he is most comfortable to sleep is fine with us! Jack enjoys playing on the floor and reaching for toys now or playing in his exersaucer. He got his 2 bottom from teeth this month so has been putting anything he can into his mouth to chew on.

Jack also prefers standing to sitting. I took him to story time again at the library today. All the other babies were sitting nicely in their mothers laps doing finger plays and reading a story. Not Jack. He prefers to stand in my lap or on the floor. He does not like to bend at his waist, silly boy. The pediatrician noticed the same thing when she was with him at his 6 month appointment. Her guess is that he is going to be an early walker - like maybe as early as 9 months. Oh my, this should be interesting. It could be really cute though seeing such a short little guy running around. Can you picture it? I will unbuckle him from his infant car seat and he will just take off running. Ha! Jack loves being read too. He seems to really listen and enjoy looking at the pictures.

Jack, we love seeing you grow up and look forward to each new day we get to spend with you! You are such a precious miracle and we thank the Lord each day for giving us you!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

4th of July Parade

This weekend was our neighborhoods annual 4th of July celebration consisting of a parade, carnival activities, and fireworks. Last year the tradition began and this year the tradition continued - to take part in the parade with our wonderful friends and neighbor family (who are responsible for all the ideas, creativity, supplies, and preparation for all that you are about to see.) Last year just the guys were a part of the parade. I thought that would be the case again this year - just the dads and baby boys... but boy was I wrong! They had been telling me all the grand plans for dressing up as a human flag, playing patriotic songs on kazoos, etc. Of course I told them that this was a great idea! Do it! I didn't realize until just hours before the parade that us girls were included in all this "fun" too! All the white painter suits, red tape, blue shirts, stars, streamers, flags, jewels, and hats had all been purchased. Us girls had no other choice but to take part in the parade. And look how cute it turned out!!!! We were burning up in those painters suits but it was worth it just to have fun and make some great (and crazy) memories!

Jack and Zach wore matching flag shirts and cruised around in there decked out patriotic stroller.

By the end of the parade Jack was eating one of the flag decorations and Zach was asleep!

At the carnival we each got a snow cone and cooled off (without our flag costumes on - thank goodness!) The Dads pushed the babies in the swings.

Jack with his Daddy at the swing.

Jack sure enjoys the swings.

Where did he go?

All worn out and fast asleep.

Look at that fancy decorated stroller with 2 cute little guys inside! And notice what is sitting on the ground in front of that stroller....'s a trophy! And look what it says........1st Place!!!! That's right!!! We didn't dress up crazy like a flag and play patriotic tunes on kazoos for nothing. Nope. We won 1st place in the parade!!!! Jack sure was proud!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Jack's 1st Vacation

At 5 and a half months old, Jack went on his first vacation. We went to visit the grandparents in Houston, took a day trip down to the beach in Galveston, drove over to San Antonio to tour Natural Bridge Caverns, then headed up to the beautiful hill country in Austin for a couple nights to stay at a resort. Last year Barrett had won a 2 nights stay at a resort in Austin, so this was a real treat!Our first stop...Whataburger! We totally didn't plan for Jack to match the restaurant, but he does. He did great on the car ride. Slept most of the way!All cozy in his car seat. Pa-Pa and Jack

GramPam and JackWe got this little pop up tent to take on trips for Jack to sleep in. It has a zipper to close it so he can't get out. We didn't use the zipper. He rolled over in his sleep and is now sleeping half in, half out of his tent.Bath Time! This was his first bath in the big tub without his little baby tub. He liked it! I think it was actually easier bathing him this way than with the little tub.Jack's hair was all "crazy" in the morning. That is what happens when you go to sleep with wet hair. Ha!Barrett's 1st Father's Day! Nap time
GramPam planned out a very fun and beautiful tea party for all the girls to attend on Sunday afternoon. Mackenzie made this cute sign to hang on the door.The tea setMy place setting - china, silver, jewels, hat, boa, and all!It was beautifully done - tea sandwiches, fruit, cookies, lemonade, tea, and coffee, flowers, candles...Mackenzie's American Girl dolls even got to attend the tea!The girls - Melissa, GramPam, Mackenzie, and IJack lounging on the stairs (no worries, I was just inches away)Now in Galveston....we ate a seafood lunch at Fish Tales. Yum!We got a milkshake at an ice cream parlor on The Strand. Jack wasn't overly happy at this point. It was hot outside and there wasn't air conditioning in many of the shops...including the ice cream parlor, he was tired, and he wasn't able to share our milkshake!!! I would have been upset too!We took a tour of this old mansion.Jack's first time at the beach and his first step into the ocean!He loved it!!! The water was nice and warm!Those are my boys!!!Our family at the beach.There was so much to look at. He was just taking it all in. He wanted nothing to do with looking at the camera for a picture.Jack's feet touching sand for the first time.Little sandy feet.Taking in the beauty of God's creation - the magnificent ocean!Saying goodbye to GramPam and PapaWe had a great visit in Houston!Next stop - Natural Bridge Cavern in San Antonio. Jack's first time on an adventure in a cave!Barrett enjoyed this adventure in the cave too!It is just amazing down there! So much to see.Our family in the cave. Jack had had enough by this point........we were still able to squeeze one more smile out of him for this picture though.The two explorersAfter the cave, we made a quick stop to visit Barrett's Aunt Gwen. This was her first time to meet Jack. We really enjoyed our visit to her beautiful home and getting a chance to visit for a while.Our last stop...Barton Creek Resort in Austin. Can you find Jack in this picture?Our first evening there we looked out the balcony door and saw these two deer.

We played a couple rounds of miniature golf. Of course, Barrett always won.

Jack hanging out on the golf course.

Nap time - he has really gotten into sleeping on his tummy this last week. At first I kept flipping him back over to his back, but 30 seconds later he would be back on his tummy. I guess he is like me and is just more comfortable sleeping on his tummy.

There were some nature trails to walk on at the resort that we enjoyed exploring.

Jack just hung around in the moby wrap with me for the hike.

A mini waterfall

He was having so much fun he just couldn't stay awake!

Our hotel. Our room was the room the farthest to the right on the top floor.

There were so many creatures on our hike: cardinals,

lizards (of course Barrett picked it up),


rabbits,and lots of deer!One afternoon Barrett got a golf cart to drive us around the golf course just to look around - not to play a round of golf. It was a very pretty course and it was a bonus to cruise around it in style on a fun golf cart.Another first for Jack - 1st golf cart ride. Barrett was a great chauffer and tour guide.

Another round of miniture golf. Jack was a super golfing partner.

We had such a fun time away and Jack did fantastic being away from home all week! Vacations are fabulous! I'm ready for another one already!!!