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Sunday, June 26, 2011

4th of July Parade

This weekend was our neighborhoods annual 4th of July celebration consisting of a parade, carnival activities, and fireworks. Last year the tradition began and this year the tradition continued - to take part in the parade with our wonderful friends and neighbor family (who are responsible for all the ideas, creativity, supplies, and preparation for all that you are about to see.) Last year just the guys were a part of the parade. I thought that would be the case again this year - just the dads and baby boys... but boy was I wrong! They had been telling me all the grand plans for dressing up as a human flag, playing patriotic songs on kazoos, etc. Of course I told them that this was a great idea! Do it! I didn't realize until just hours before the parade that us girls were included in all this "fun" too! All the white painter suits, red tape, blue shirts, stars, streamers, flags, jewels, and hats had all been purchased. Us girls had no other choice but to take part in the parade. And look how cute it turned out!!!! We were burning up in those painters suits but it was worth it just to have fun and make some great (and crazy) memories!

Jack and Zach wore matching flag shirts and cruised around in there decked out patriotic stroller.

By the end of the parade Jack was eating one of the flag decorations and Zach was asleep!

At the carnival we each got a snow cone and cooled off (without our flag costumes on - thank goodness!) The Dads pushed the babies in the swings.

Jack with his Daddy at the swing.

Jack sure enjoys the swings.

Where did he go?

All worn out and fast asleep.

Look at that fancy decorated stroller with 2 cute little guys inside! And notice what is sitting on the ground in front of that stroller....'s a trophy! And look what it says........1st Place!!!! That's right!!! We didn't dress up crazy like a flag and play patriotic tunes on kazoos for nothing. Nope. We won 1st place in the parade!!!! Jack sure was proud!

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