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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gone Fishing

Barrett has spent much of his summer fishing. Many evenings and mornings he would pack up all his fishing gear and find a spot at the nearby Lewisville Lake to fish. With it being 100+ degree days outside, I had no desire to go out fishing with him at all. But tonight with it being the perfect temperature outside, I suggested that we hop in the car and that he show me a place or two where he has been fishing these last few months. All I can say is - WOW! What a calm, peaceful, quiet, and perfect place to relax (minus the bugs!) My fisherman fishing away in the sunset.
There were fish jumping up all over the place in the water. There were no catches tonight though.

Jack and I sat on the shore watching Daddy fish.

The 2 fishermen!

Jack sure had fun watching his Daddy fish!

Can you tell that Jack is always moving? Look at those hands and feet on the move.

Here is some of the scenery in the area. We were sitting in the chair on this pathway. Barrett was fishing to the right, down a little rocky hill.

In the distance was the new toll bridge.

To the left of the path from the other picture were lots of trees leading up to more water. It was more like a beach type area - without the sand.

The moon

It was so nice to be outside for the evening and get to spend some time enjoying the place where Barrett has been fishing. I can see why he enjoys it so much!

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