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Monday, November 22, 2010

Bigger Fingers = Bigger Rings

One of the many fun things about pregnancy I am learning is that your hands and feet like to swell. As a result, my shoes don't fit very well and my wedding rings aren't fitting either. So what did I do? Go shopping at Sam Moon for a temporary wedding ring, of course. Who would have known that they sold basically the same exact style ring that I already had.....only wwaaaaaayyyyyy cheaper! I couldn't believe it! As you can see in the picture the ring that is all the way on my finger is the new temporary ring and the one that won't go past my knuckle is the "real" wedding ring. I was sad my real ring wouldn't fit anymore, but finding one so similar to my real ring made it so much easier. I think now Barrett is wondering why he spent so much on a real diamond in the first place when he could have just gotten me the same looking one for much less. Ha!

1 comment:

  1. i didn't think to go there...i found a set at steinmart for dirt cheap when i was preg w/lily!