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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rough Riders

We had a last minute surprise last night - an invitation to go to the Rough Riders game with the Benker family. Rough Riders won! It was a fun night of baseball, family, and all you can eat hamburgers and hotdogs! Tanya, Barrett, Tara, Jacob, and OliverOliver was picked to go down to the field between one of the innings for the Lemonhead competition between he and 2 other babies. They were each given a squirt of lemon juice and whoever made the funniest face, won. Well there was no funny face from little Ollie. He drank that lemon juice like it was the juice that was in his sippy cup everyday! So he didn't officially win the game, but we still think he wins for the cutest face of all the babies!!!!
Calahan was the reason we were all able to go to this game. We went along with the rest of his baseball team. While watching the game I asked Cal. "So are you going to play for the Rough Riders someday?" Very matter of factly he answers, "Yes." He has no question about it! So be on the lookout for CALAHAN BENKER, the professional baseball player soon!

Dylan with his baseball glove, ready to catch a ball.

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