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Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Snowy Christmas Eve

On December 23rd it was in the 70s. On December 24th it was snow and ice...only in Texas! What a treat to have a snow storm on Christmas Eve!So happy to stand in the snow!!! Barrett and his mom watching the snow.
It was beginning to get icy.

You can really see the snow flakes here.

The cooks did some baking on Christmas Eve. This is a batch of Divinity. We also made some lemon pies, toffee, and peppermint bark.
Snow covered holly berries.

Driving to church for the Christmas Eve service in a "blizzard."

We spent the evening at Tara and Jacob's house. Santa made his yearly visit to the front door to deliver to each of us our first gift. Thanks Santa!
All the kids opening their gifts from Santa.
By the time we left the Benkers house to come home (just 1/2 a block away) the roads and sidewalks were very icy. Barrett came up with is own idea of a moving sidewalk so we didn't slip on the ice - 2 big pieces of cardboard, leap frogging one in front of the other. He is just so creative!

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